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VI Homestay works with agencies, schools, students, and parents to provide homestay accommodation and support to visiting students to the greater Nanaimo area. We have grown into a large network of host families who have fun together at events & parties, help each other out when needed, share in each other's stories, and above all, provide students with a high quality homestay experience.


Although we deal with many different nationalities, a majority of our participants are Japanese students of high school and university age. Usually, spring to early fall is our busiest period, when several large groups begin arriving from Japan. This is an exciting time of the year and many of our hosts enjoy helping out with these high school and university tours, which feature some interesting activities and shorter-length stays. 


As a host, you will need to provide a safe, comfortable living environment where the student is treated as part of the family and is provided with their own bedroom, a desk, all amenities, including food for 3 meals per day.


In most cases, students will eat breakfast themselves in the morning, bring a packed lunch or leftovers to school, and then, join the family for dinner in the evening. Compensation varies, but is generally around $925/month for long-term stays. Double student placements can sometimes be an option.

We realize that most families have differing schedules, lifestyles and eating habits. For this reason, you are always able to let us know which homestay situation works best for your family, by specifying desired student gender, age, and length of stay, among other things.

If you believe that you would be good host for our students, we invite you to join us! It can be a very rewarding experience to participate in bringing about a positive change in a student’s life. 


Please feel free to contact us for more information. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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